Conditions of Entry

  1. Entry Form Part A and the entry fee must be received by August 1st 2018. No refunds will be given. Send to: Taranaki Fashion Art Awards, C/O Lois Finderup, 5G Bromley Place, New Plymouth 4310.
  2. All entries must be:
    • Wearable
    • Able to withstand being worn on several occasions
    • Safe to wear and complete with all necessary accessories.
  3. MODELS; designers may choose their own models or organise Bridget Jones from Turning Point (phone 021 032 9330) to supply one (best to have a model selected during construction, helps with fittings). All models must be available for ALL REHEARSALS no exceptions. Rehearsals only run for approximately one hour for each category. These are done two weekends before the delivery of costumes. Do not offer to model if you cannot make this commitment, failure to do so could mean your designer’s garment being withdrawn.
    Rehearsal times and venues may change so it is imperative to have your email address clearly printed as this is how we keep everyone posted if changes are made.
  4. Entries from other wearable art competitions are permitted.
  5. All entries must have a title for their artwork on the entry forms on registration and must have information of what medium the garment is constructed from for the programme.
  6. The organisers accept no responsibility for loss or damage if the delivery instructions are not followed accurately.
  7. Entries in the children’s section/s must be constructed by the child. With only up to 25% assistance by an adult. If more than 25% adult input has been used, the item will be put in the Open category. The child may model the garment.
  8. PICKUP FOR REMOVAL OF GARMENTS; All entries must be removed on Saturday 1st after the Show if possible, or must be uplifted Sunday 2nd between 8.30am to 10.30am no later as the theatre will be closed. If not removed in this time all will be disposed of, as venue will not store anything.
  9. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: All designers must have their models allocated during the construction of the garments to enable models to become familiar with them. It is preferable to use competent models or use turning Point models by contacting Bridget (021 032 9330).


  1. Creativity of design.
  2. Originality of idea or theme.
  3. Use of colour and medium.
  4. Wearability and craftsmanship.
  5. Suitability of title of creation.
  6. Strength of construction.
  7. How costume is displayed by model.


Children (13 years and under): $5.00
Student (14-18 years): $10.00
Open (19 years and over): $10.00


Deliver to TSB Showplace stage entrance King Street from 9.00am till 1.30pm must be within this time slot.

  1. Ensure part B of this entry form clearly marked in bold letters and attached to your box or garment or that Box has all detailson it.
  2. Ensure all parts and accessories are marked clearly on attached fabric or secure labels with designer, model and title name.
  3. All designers need to supply two sets of A4 photo graphs with front and back images, on your model (these are vital for judging and for dressers so they know how your garment is to be shown.)
  4. Your garment must be bought in a strong Cardboard or Plastic box. If it needs to be Up right please supply a stand for that purpose. Or some form of strong hanging device.